Awesome Features

Speed Up Your Browsing

Blocks all ads, banners, pop-ups, trackers, and more! Improves page load times by 5x* on average

Save 50% of Your Data

Websites contain mobile ads with a lot of data. Ad-vance Auto Blocker block ads from being downloaded, saving 55%* data on average. Perfect if you are on a capped plan or have poor signal.

Save Battery Life

Ad-vance Auto Blocker improves the performance of your battery by reducing the amount of network calls and CPU usage.

Improve Multitasking

It allows you to use less RAM so as you switch between your apps or sites. It also provides better experience, free from auto-play videos, and your device will be less likely to reload them from scratch.

Secure Your Privacy

Ad-vance Auto Blocker is safe and easy to use. It also saves your data and uses less battery.

Why Ad-vance Auto Blocker?

Unlike other ad-blocking apps on the App Store, this does not break websites and content. It comes with a filter that optimizes your browsing experience. With free regular and optimal updates, all users get the best and latest of patches at frequent intervals.

Whitelisting with Ad-vance Auto Blocker

Ad-vance Auto Blocker gives you full control: You can whitelist a specific site or multiple sites via your pre-defined criteria. It also auto-updates itself in the background, to ensure you always have the latest blacklist updates.

Automatic Updates

Ad-vance Auto Blocker auto-updates itself in the background, ensuring you always have the latest blacklist updates.

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