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Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur,India


Sri Lanka won the toss,elected to bat

2nd Test



176.1 Over



79.1 Over

IND won by 239 innings

End of over 50

Total run in over 0

0   0   W   


Ashwin to Gamage, OUT!, OUT! Gamage is bowled! Another feather in Ashwin's gap - 300th Test wicket for him and he becomes the quickest to do so. He bowls a carrom ball, lands it around off. Gamage comes forward to defend but the ball grips and turns away and the bails are seen coming off. The umpire, Richard Kettleborough isn't sure what has happened there and hence takes it upstairs. The Indians are seen shaking their hands, meanwhile. Replays show, the ball disturbs the off stick and then settles into the keeper's mitts. That's it then. INDIA WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 239 RUNS!



Catch   Ball 



R Ashwin to Gamage, 0 run, Tossed up on off, blocked by coming forward.


R Ashwin to Gamage, 0 run, The carrom ball around middle and leg, LG looks to flick but misses and is hit on the pads.

End of over 49

Total run in over 0

0   0   0   0   0   0   


U Yadav to Lakmal, 0 run, Shortish and outside off, Lakmal once again looks to cut but misses it.


U Yadav to Lakmal, 0 run, The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.


U Yadav to Lakmal, 0 run, That just missed the off stump! Back of a length, tailing back in, Lakmal looks to cut but this comes back in and sneaks under his bat. This time it wasn't far away from kissing the off stump.


U Yadav to Lakmal, 0 run, Sprayed miles down the leg side, poor Saha dives full stretch to his left to stop it from running away from the fence.


U Yadav to Lakmal, 0 run, Shortish on middle and off, the ball seems to have skidded off the pitch. SL looks to pull but the ball sneaks under his bat and goes to the keeper.


U Yadav to Lakmal, 0 run, Fuller in length and swinging back in on the pads, Lakmal is beaten for pace and wears it on the pads.

End of over 48

Total run in over 1

1   0   0   0   0   0   


R Ashwin to Gamage, 0 run, Once again the edge doesn't carry and it falls short of the man at short leg.


R Ashwin to Gamage, 0 run, Just short of short leg! Floats it up around middle, Gamage looks to block it off the front foot but the ball hits the higher part of the bat and falls short of the man at FSL.


R Ashwin to Gamage, 0 run, Around middle and leg, worked towards the man at leg gully.


R Ashwin to Gamage, 0 run, Tossed up delivery outside off, Gamage first looks to leave but then tries to cut it away. In the end, gets beaten.


R Ashwin to Gamage, 0 run, Carrom ball around middle, Gamage defends it down.


R Ashwin to Lakmal, 1 run, Full outside off, driven down to long off for a single.

End of over 47

Total run in over 1

1   0   0   0   W   0   


U Yadav to Gamage, 0 run, Right into the blockhole. Spears in a yorker on the stumps, Gamage is able to dug it out.


U Yadav to Chandimal, OUT!, OUT! In the air... gone! It's wicket no. 99 in Tests for the local lad. Chandimal walks back in dismay. Yadav drops it on a length but the line is on the leg stump. The Lankan skipper flicks it aerially but finds Ashwin stationed at fine leg who accepts a simple catch. End of the Sri Lankan skipper's resistance. Yet another valiant knock from him but in vain. India just a wicket away from a win here.



Catch  RavichandranAshwin Ball 



U Yadav to Chandimal, 0 run, No run.


U Yadav to Chandimal, 0 run, No run.


U Yadav to Chandimal, 0 run, No run.


U Yadav to Lakmal, 1 run, Leg bye.

End of over 46

Total run in over 3

0   0   2   0   1   0   


R Ashwin to D Chandimal, 0 run, Driven hard but finds the man at mid on.


R Ashwin to Lakmal, 1 run, The batsman gets a leading edge on that one. The batsmen have run through for a single.


R Ashwin to Lakmal, 0 run, Fuller in length on the stumps, driven towards the bowler.


R Ashwin to S Lakmal, 2 run, Clears the front leg to whip it across the line but gets it off the inside edge through the gap at square leg for a couple.


R Ashwin to Lakmal, 0 run, NOT OUT! Nothing on the Ultra Edge! India waste a review! Ashwin slides one down leg, Lakmal leans across to clip it away but it goes towards Saha who takes it by stretching both his hands to his left. Ashwin appeals but Saha stays put. The bowler says he has heard something and that prompts Kohli to use the DRS. The front foot is fine. Ultra Edge then shows there's no bat involved.


R Ashwin to Lakmal, 0 run, Around middle, turning in, defended off the front foot.

Sri Lanka's Batting Detail






Sri Lanka's Bowling Detail








Suranga Lakmal
29 2 111 0 0 0 3.82
Lahiru Gamage
35 8 97 1 0 0 2.77
Rangana Herath
39 11 81 1 0 0 2.07
Dasun Shanaka
26.1 4 103 1 0 1 3.93
Dilruwan Perera
45 2 202 3 0 0 4.48

India's Batting Detail






India's Bowling Detail








Ishant Sharma
12 4 43 2 0 0 3.58
Ravichandran Ashwin
17.3 4 63 4 0 0 3.6
Ravindra Jadeja
11 5 28 2 0 0 2.54
Umesh Yadav
9 2 30 2 0 0 3.33
Ishant Sharma
14 3 37 3 0 0 2.64
Umesh Yadav
16 4 43 0 0 0 2.68
Ravichandran Ashwin
28.1 7 67 4 0 0 2.37
Ravindra Jadeja
21 4 56 3 1 0 2.66

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